Everybody loves a good Disney/Pixar movie (unless you don’t, in which case you obviously hate fun). And (mostly) everybody loves awesome automobiles and methods of transportation. First, we had “Cars”, and then we had “Planes”. The next logical step has to involve outer space, right? (Huh? Trains? Boats? Drones? Ssh…) After all, we all love space movies like Interstellar and, you know, Star Wars.

Now, we finally have the perfect marriage of space hi-jinks and cute animation in X-Wings, aka Car Wars! Wait, what?

When we first saw this trailer for what appears to be Cars in space, Disney/Pixar style, we actually started to get pretty excited. That is, until we saw this cheeky disclaimer right at the beginning:

What! The whole thing is a load of baloney! But it’s still pretty awesome for a fake! Created by BigBeeStudio, the “trailer” is good enough to fool anyone who’s not paying close attention! Check it out below!

Hmm, this is totally the Star Wars parody our cinema-going selves have been waiting for! It’s got everything: in-jokes, tongue-in-cheek humour, and wise-cracking spaceships with loveable personalities! If only it were real…

Source: AoL News Japan
Image: Screenshot via YouTube