Born from the need to raise her self-esteem, this woman turned to plastic surgery to look more Caucasian.

Barbie dolls may be simple childhood toys for young girls, but for some women they can be a source of life-changing inspiration.

Ophelia Vanity from Los Angeles is a half-Icelandic, half-Chinese woman who spent her early years playing with Barbie dolls. Due to her Asian features, she was subjected to bullying at a young age and has turned to cosmetic procedures to look like the doll of her dreams.

▼ She looked beautiful even before surgery.

▼ After spending $35,000 on nose jobs and Botox injections,
Ophelia has achieved a doll-like look.

▼ She has amassed over 83,000 followers on her Instagram account.

▼ Ophelia has undergone lip augmentation…

▼ …and blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, to enlarge her eyes.

Not completely satisfied with her current looks, the 31-year-old model already has plans to bleach her skin to attain a more iconic Caucasian Barbie doll look. She’s not ruling out removing four to six ribs for a slimmer waistline, and remains committed to permanently changing her eye color using artificial iris implants.

▼ This might become her reality.

▼ Here’s a video of Ophelia Vanity explaining more about her surgeries.

There’s no telling how many more cosmetic procedures Ophelia will go through to achieve that porcelain doll status. Although she’s content with her surgery, her story also tells an unimaginably sad tale of the pressures of modern society.

The thing is, Ophelia isn’t the first woman hoping to become a living doll, as some Ukranian girls have also walked that same path to become the next real-life Barbie.

Source: Instagram/opheliavanity, Barcroft TV via NextShark
Top image: Instagram/opheliavanity