Step by step China has been steadily gaining on Japan in various facets of life. The country has surpassed Japan to become the second biggest economy in the world and they are currently making strides in bullet train development and infrastructure.

But now a video from a Thai traveler gives us a glimpse at yet another way China is looking to overtake Japan, and it is one that may cut closest to the bone. We’re talking of course about fancy toilet technology.

In the video posted by Skizz TV to YouTube, we are taken into a Chinese public bathroom stall to witness this game-changing device in action.


By pushing the button, the plastic sleave coating the toilet seat gets sucked into one end, pulling out a fresh swath in its place. However, where that used length of plastic goes is certainly a mystery I’d like answered. The cynic in me envisions that’s its really just one small ring of plastic that comes right out the other end.

This toilet is not without its flaws though. The button to control the plastic wrap mover is positioned at the back just above the toilet seat. Guys and disgruntled housewives will recognize this zone as one often hit by errant streams of urine during those times when the recoil is just too much.

That, and the stall is completely out of toilet paper.

My editor claims to have seen one of these automatic toilet seat-condom things before “either in the UK or in northern Japan somewhere,” but says he can’t remember where exactly.  I think he either lying for attention or just drunk again. Also, my colleague Amy Chavez claims that these seats “have been in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport for decades,” but I’ve long suspected her to be a Chinese toilet industry spy. Just in case, if you’ve spotted one of these things on your own travels, let us know!

There is a chance they’re right but I prefer to err on the side of paranoia and assume this to be the opening salvo in a war of who has the fancier toilets. At the moment Japan is still ahead with is washlets containing powerful streams of water to clean your underside along with dryers, heated seats, security alarms, and noise generators to cover up any embarrassing sounds.

The country can’t rely on these tools forever. China is clearly hungry to be king of the toilets and if Japan doesn’t get innovating soon all will be lost. Maybe something that analyses your poop for medical conditions and/or dietary advice each time its used? Get to work scientists!

Source/images: YouTube – SkizzTV