Anyone who has ever been on board a commercial flight would have probably noticed that aircraft lavatories tend to be smaller than regular public restrooms. Compact as they may be, though, the toilets on most commercial airlines provide enough room for an adult to get their business done. In fact, we’ve even heard of all those “mile high club” stories, so it’s probably all right to assume that those minimalistic restrooms are spacious enough for even two adults to slip in.

However, one Chinese mom on board a Shenzhen Airlines domestic flight felt that the toilet was too small, and made her son defecate on the floor of the rear cabin.

The size of the lavatories on commercial aircrafts varies with airline and cabin class. Some airlines may have roomier toilets for business and first class passengers, while some short-haul domestic flights don’t even have restrooms on board. While it is possible that one airline’s lavatories can be smaller than another’s, there are guidelines that aircraft manufacturers adhere to in order to ensure the practicality, hygiene and sanitation of these facilities, so it’s unlikely that you’ll come across an in-flight toilet that is too small for use under normal circumstances.

ETToday reports that on August 16, on board a domestic flight from Nanjing bound for Guangzhou in China, a woman was witnessed in the rear cabin of the aircraft urging her son to take a dump on the floor. The flight attendants immediately checked the two lavatories on board and found both unoccupied. When asked why they didn’t use the toilets, the woman said, “Your toilets are too small, it can’t fit the three of us, but there’s so much space back here!”

▼ On certain flights, the rear cabin is where some flight attendants belt up during take-off and landing.


Three of us…? So this boy can’t poop without two other people staring at him? As if pooping on the floor on an airplane is the most common thing to do, the mother showed no sign of apology, and even coaxed her child to continue with his business, telling him, “Baby take your time, the plane’s not taking off yet.”

▼ Outraged by the woman’s attitude, a flight attendant took her case to the Internet.


This is not the first time we’ve heard of Chinese parents allowing their children to defecate in places apart from the lavatories, but definitely the first time it’s been due to the size of the toilet being too small to fit three people.

▼ Just a day before the incident onboard Shenzhen Airlines, a passenger on China West Air reportedly let her child poop along the aisle in front of their seats just before landing.


We’re pretty sure that there are toilets in China, and that most of the population have the habit of emptying their bowels in the toilet. Unfortunately, these inconsiderate individuals stick out like a sore thumb, and it’s easy to understand why their fellow passengers would make a stink about them soiling the enclosed space they’re sharing.

Source/images: ETToday