Peter, a former engineer from Britain, met his Taiwanese wife Liu Yifang through an online dating site years ago. They met, fell in love, got married, and then decided to open a bakery together. Cerebral palsy has not held Liu back in the least, and Peter says it was her strong will and boldness that drew him to her.

While the bread sold in their bakery—fondly dubbed “love bread”—has been satisfying stomachs, their story has been winning hearts as the couple shows us what love is really about.

Cerebral palsy is a form of paralysis caused by brain injury or a brain defect in the womb, resulting in a loss of control over voluntary muscle movement. For Liu, now in her early 30s, this is all she knows, and she has faced life just as any other person would. “I consider myself a healthy, average person, so I’m not afraid of hardships,” she states, and having graduated from National Taiwan University, she has proof of her strong will.

After she and Peter met, he invited her to come travel with him in Malta, where he lived and worked. They later tied the knot there, but after a couple of years Liu grew homesick for her native Taiwan, so Peter left his job to move back with her.

After reading up about bread making, the two opened up a shop three years ago, warming bellies and hearts with their “love bread” and love story. Wildly popular among the locals, their bread tends to sell out within an hour of opening.


Their love for each other really shines through not only in their work, but in their day-to-day lives together. At 60, Peter is only five years younger than Liu’s father, but her father told reporters that he has grown fond of his son-in-law.

“I know that [she] needs me, so regardless of any difficulties or upsets we do have it’s pushed on and we get on with things,” Peter told reporters. A delicious lesson of love and life indeed!

Source: Shanghaiist
Images: Facebook/大愛電視 Da-Ai TV