Viewers got an eye full of Tezuka’s iconic doctor’s abs in the first episode of Young Black Jack‘s but opening theme song singer UMI☆KUUN is giving the 2D bishōnen a run for his money. The singer reproduced an image by the manga’s artist Yū-Go Ōkuma where Kuroo Hazama appears only half clothed.


The image is the first time UMI☆KUUN has worn special-effects make-up. The entire transformation into Kuroo Hazama took about two hours. The staff had a hard time recreating the skin in a way that looked realistic. In the music video below, the singer remarked that on top of the make-up (which appears in the latter half) he also got a leg cramp because of the way he had to stand for most of the video. UMI☆KUUN appears in a white, narrow room with a low ceiling, so he’s squatting for much of the video.

The “I am Just Feeling Alive” single will go on sale on October 28. The limited edition version bundles a DVD with the track’s music video. A second song, “HELLO BABY” which served as a tribute to Japan Expo is also included.


Source: Music Natalie

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