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Self-driving cars are getting closer and closer to becoming a reality, While there will always be those who prefer the freedom of driving themselves, the technology seems like it could have some serious advantages for public transportation. In the case of a bus, for instance, it doesn’t seem like it would be too hard to program the vehicle’s software to travel along a fixed route and stop at the predetermined bus stops to pick up and drop off passengers.

But while self-driving buses may one day become safer and more efficient than human operated ones, they’re a lot less likely to heroically prevent roadside suicides, as this bus driver in China just did.

The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is a major transportation artery in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province. Trains, cars, and pedestrians all cross over the bridge, which stands some 70 meters (230 feet) above Asia’s longest river.

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That height probably means there are some great views to be seen from the bridge. As the bus in this video made its way from one side of the river to the other, though, something else caught the driver’s eye: a woman climbing up onto the handrail and poising herself to jump.

▼ The woman, dressed in pink, can be seen through the right pane of the door’s glass.

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Quickly bringing the bus to a stop, the driver leapt out of the vehicle and pulled the woman down from her perch. Another passenger exited from the rear of the bus and helped him to restrain the hysteric woman, who can be heard in the video screaming “Let me die!”

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Wisely concluding that the woman shouldn’t be left alone in her current mental state, her two saviors, then joined by a third man, carried the woman into the bus.

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The video serves as an important reminder about always being on the lookout for ways to help those in need, and, as the driver demonstrates, always wearing your coolest looking sunglasses, just in case you end up on the news in the process.

Source: Livedoor News via Toychan
Top image: YouTube/新闻 新闻
Insert images: Wikipedia/Juan Gutierrez Andres, YouTube/新闻 新闻