That solid gold Millennium Puzzle may not be for sale, but fans of the popular card game anime franchise Yu-Gi-Oh! will probably enjoy this one more in the long-run—after all, it’s edible!

If you’re a Yu Gi Oh! fan then you’ll have recognized this straight away, but for those who don’t know much about the manga, anime, and tie-in trading card game, this is the Millennium Puzzle, a very important item in the YGO! universe. Way back at the beginning of the long-running series, main character Yugi solved the puzzle, releasing the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh who would take over his body from time to time as the deep-voiced duel master Yami Yugi. Over the course of the series, Yugi and his friends would go through many trials, tribulations, and duels in order to help Yami Yugi regain his memories, facing off against other duelists wielding their own Millennium Items.


One Tumblr user has baked an incredibly detailed 3D replica of the puzzle that’s totally edible (if you can find a way to bite into the tricky pyramid shape). Unfortunately they didn’t include a recipe, but judging from the picture it seems to be made from four triangles and a square of standard biscuit carefully carved and embellished with the puzzle’s patterning, and all stuck together with chocolate cream.

We also know that the inside is hollow as they also included this clip of the cookie illuminated from the inside with a miniature light bulb to recreate the scenes from the anime where the powers of the puzzle are awakened.


▼ It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-duel!


We wholeheartedly approve of the idea of a chocolate-filled version, and are tempted to give it a go ourselves. While we doubt ours will turn out as well as the one in the photo, it seems like a simple enough concept that the chances of success aren’t too dismal.

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Source: Starry Happy on Tumblr
Images: Starry Happy on Tumblr [top, 1, 2, 3], Pinterest [4]