Discovered in an otaku mecca and seemingly protected by the Nintendo franchise’s legendary Triforce.

Unless you stopped playing Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series after the first two installments, odds are at some point in your life you’ve fantasized about discovering the Master Sword in a misty, secluded forest grove or ancient temple filled with a latent yet palpable power. Just like Link, you’d pull the Mater Sword from its resting place, and with it in hand, save the day.

However, the real world is rather lacking in magic swords lying about, as well as mythical monsters to swing them at. But you can still feel like Link if a fire breaks out and you happen to be standing near this awesome fire extinguisher in Japan, which appears to be guarded by Zelda’s iconic Triforce and just waiting for a hero to wield it.

“A fire extinguisher that only the chosen one may use,” tweeted @asadoor along with the photo. It’s not just the Triforce-like stacked triangles that provide the dramatic atmosphere, either. The symmetrical tile pattern, stone walls, and shadowy alcove housing nothing but the extinguisher all make it seem like fate itself has led you here, and that the time has come to fulfill your destiny by claiming a legendary treasure.

Online reactions have included:

“Reserved for heroes.”

“I bet you can’t use it unless you’ve got 13 hearts.”

“There’s probably a stupidly tough mid-boss you have to beat first, and then you still have to solve a puzzle, use a special key, and be the descendant of a legendary hero before you can pick it up.”

“You just know the floor in front of it is trapped.”

<Zelda secret music>♪

If you’d like to gaze upon this treasure for yourself, you can find it in the East Hall of the Tokyo Big Sight convention center (regular home of annual dojinshi manga convention Comiket). Gamers and other otaku refer to it as, unsurprisingly, “The Big Sight Triforce,” but since that’s not an official designation used by the facility, odds are Big Sight employees won’t be able to guide you to it if you ask for directions with that name. Instead, you’ll just have to search for it on your own…but hey, isn’t the exploration part of what makes Zelda games so great?

Source: Twitter/@asadoor via Togech, Otakuma