As adorable as cats are, they’re aren’t exactly known for their patience in suffering the presence of fools–especially when said fools try stealing even a tiny bit of their napping space. Even if it’s a cat’s housemate and best friend, sharing is simply out of the question! And that’s when the claws and teeth come out.

And that’s exactly how this video of the greatest kitty rumble you’ve ever seen starts–though the ending is more Disney than Expendables 3.

Wardog3150, the Japanese YouTuber who posted this video last December, gave it the English title “Cats fall in fight,” which is a slightly misleading translation of the Japanese title which basically says: “Fighting cats suddenly have a realization and feel down.” Watch as these kitties go from “I will kiiiiiill yoooou!” to “Whatevszzzzz.”

Awww! So adorable! And, actually, when you think about it, if more world leaders took this approach to diplomacy, we might not have nearly as many wars. And a lot more naps! And who doesn’t love naps?

Though the video is nearly a year old, it recently got noticed by Japanese internet users who had quite a bit to say about the sleepy, squabbling cats.

“Even when cats are playing aggressively with green foxtails, they’ll just stop and return to their placid selves, almost as if nothing had happened, and start bathing themselves. I’d really liked to know what in the world is the timing that turns their switches off! LOL!”

“On cat planet, the end of a war is…peace.”

“The cat is sooooooo cute at 0:32!”

“The grey cat hit the other once…maybe it was a special ‘secret punch’ that knocked it out?”

“The cat looks like it’s thinking, ‘Wait…what the hell was I doing…why is this happening…what’s going on!?'”

“Cat behavior is really…sporadic, isn’t it?”

There’s no doubt that cats are a bit odd at times. One YouTube commenter asked what had set the cats off, but even Wardog3150 wrote that he had no idea. “I was actually just trying to get a shot of them sleeping together, when this happened. But I didn’t even say anything and they just stopped as if they were feeling down. It’s a mystery to me too!”

Well, maybe we have a cat whisperer among our readers who can explain kitty psychology to us. Otherwise, this will just have to remain a puzzle for the ages. A cute puzzle, but a puzzle nonetheless!

Source: Karapaia, YouTube
Screenshots: YouTube