The attraction will task guests with navigating a compound using their wits and spy skills and will even feature a laser tripwire obstacle course. A LASER TRIPWIRE OBSTACLE COURSE!

If you’re a living human being, there’s a very high chance you’ve, at several points in your life, recalled the high octane adventures of James Bond or the quiet, contemplative sneakiness of the Splinter Cells and Metal Gears of the world, and daydreamed about how totally badass it must be to live a life of danger and intrigue as a spy (unless, we guess, you’re already a spy, in which case, can we have your number? We have some… questions).

Of course, the real life of a spy is much more mundane and apparently requires you master multiple languages and, we’re assuming, do math and stuff, and actually sounds kind of boring. But, thanks to one coming compound-size attraction soon to open in Shinjuku, Tokyo, you can do all that cool fantasy spy stuff you always daydreamed about for just 1,000 yen (US$8)!

Watch out for ghosts


“in SPY re” (we presume it’s pronounced, “inspire”) is a new pay-to-play attraction that will open in Shinjuku’s infamous Kabukicho district in February, 2016. Inside, guests—or, more appropriately, players—will be tasked with advancing a spy-centric story by navigating a massive compound full of traps and obstacles, solving puzzles and avoiding detection.

There will apparently be around 40 different spy-themed puzzles, obstacles and challenges, including the aforementioned laser tripwire obstacle course (!!!), and, at least according to concept images, hacking puzzles, spotlight dodging and even an airgun shooting challenge.

Unfortunately the detonate-some-C4-and-casually-walk-away-from-the-explosion challenge probably won’t be making an appearance at in SPY re due to boring old things like health and safety and fire regulations…


There will also be a cafe, because even Bond needs time to unwind with an espresso and some biscotti, right?

Players can download a free companion app to check rankings for best completion times, encouraging players to come back again and again to hone their skills and become the top spy.

For what it’s worth, the “story” that serves as the backdrop for all these clandestine shenanigans deals with players infiltrating a secret compound of the nefarious BLACK-MAX organization to disrupt the evil group’s plans for world domination, but we doubt you’ll care much about the story when you’re dodging spotlights and shooting bad guys.



Presumably, you’ll need to supply your own tuxedo.

Source: Inside Games
Images: Sunhills Corporation