Here’s your chance to eat like Anya.

Currently airing anime hit Spy x Family has a lot going for it, including an extremely catchy ending theme, “Kigeki.” During the upbeat closer, vocalist Gen Hoshino sings “Kyou ha nani tabeyou ka?”, or “What should we eat today?”

The lyrics are there as a nod to the domestic-life sweetness that Spy x Family’s core cast is developing after initially coming together as a fake family to hide their identities. But if you’re looking for an answer to the question posed by the song, there’s a Spy x Family cafe opening soon.

The Chigai Grace Cafe in Tokyo’s Shibuya district is serving as the venue for the popup eatery, which will be found on the seventh floor of the Shibuya Modi entertainment complex. The kitchen staff will be whipping up a selection of food and drinks aimed at foodie fans of Spy x Family, such as the Mission Makeup Rice Omelet, referencing secret agent Loid’s not-so-subtle suggestion that adoptive daughter Anya apologize to her arrogant classmate Damian, whose father is the target of Loid’s current operation.

Actually, Anya figures into a lot of the food menu, such as the Pancakes with Nuts that Anya Loves, with a swirl of pink cream and angular cookie toppings that bring to mind the precocious child’s hairstyle and accessories…

…as well as the Aim to Become an Imperial Scholar Stellar Parfait, studded with stars like the marks of merit awarded to students for superior achievements at the prestigious Eden Academy where Anya is enrolled and trying to earn membership in the highest stratum of students.

▼ Though as with the in-series Pastry of Knowledge eating the Stellar Parfait is not a substitute for actually studying.

On the drink side of things, there’s a tempting lineup of mocktails, such as Loid’s Champagne-style Drink, Yor’s Bloody Orange Juice

…and Yuri’s Wine-style Drink.

As is a given with anime/video game-themed restaurants, there’s a lineup of character art coasters, with one of six possible designs given at random with each food or drink item your order. The Spy x Family Cafe boasts super-deformed versions of Loid, Anya, Yor, Yuri, Damian and Becky, all wearing elegant butler or maid-inspired attire.

There’s also an attached gift shop selling various merch with the designs, such as pins, compact acrylic standees, key holders, handkerchiefs, and even an Anya cushion.

The cafe will be open from June 2 to 19, but reservations can be made now through the official website here, and for those unable to make it to the cafe, some of the merchandise is also available online here. If you are headed to the cafe, though, remember to mind your table manners. As Eden’s administrators are fond of reminding their students, elegance is important, and it would truly be a shame if you were to spill something on yourself if you just so happened to be wearing one of Uniqlo’s new Spy x Family T-shirts.

Restaurant information
Spy×Family × Chugai Grace Cafe
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 1-21-3, Shibuya Modi 7th floor
東京都渋谷区神南1-21-3 渋谷MODI 7F
Open 11:10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times

Insert image: PR Times, Spy×Family × Chugai Grace Cafe
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