WISE is recruiting new agents to solve a park-wide mystery.

February 17 is going to be a big day for the Universal Studios theme parks. At their Hollywood location, they’ll be opening up their Super Nintendo World expansion, following the blueprint laid out by Universal Studios Japan in 2021. And on that same day Universal Studios Japan will be kicking off its first-ever collaboration with Spy x Family.

The hit anime series is reaching the end of its second season, and with its third not yet announced, the Forgers (secret spy Loid, secret assassin Yor, and secret clairvoyant kid Anya), will be absent from TV screens for a while. Fans will be able to see the Forger family, though, as part of USJ’s Spy x Family Secret Mission attraction.

Well, maybe fans will be able to see them. Upon registering for the mission at the park’s Palace Theater, guests are recruited into WISE, the Westalian intelligence organization that Loid is an agent for. You’re then tasked with solving a mystery by deciphering clues and symbols spread throughout the park, and only spies who are cunning and clever enough to do so will gain access to a special “live entertainment show” featuring the three Forgers.

Spy x Family Secret Mission is part of Universal Cool Japan 2023, the latest iteration of USJ’s revolving partnerships with popular franchises from the world of anime and Japanese video games. The mission is scheduled to run from February 17 to July 2, so you can complete it either before or after watching the live-action Spy x Family stage musical that’s touring Japan next spring.

Source, image: PR Times
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