Feeling lonely? Head to the Philippines! Ex-adult video star Maria Ozawa says she’s looking for someone to snuggle with during her first winter in the country.

Is this winter proving to be too lonely for you? Maybe you just wish you had someone to snuggle with next to an open fire…or at least in the humidity of a Philippine winter? Then we (might) have good news for you: Ex-AV actress Maria Ozawa is apparently looking for a seasonal beau while she winters in the Philippines!

2015 has been an exciting year for the actress. After shifting her focus from starring in erotic videos to acting and reconciling with her family, she landed a role in her first mainstream film, Nilalang, a Filipino horror/suspense movie which will premiere next week.

Currently promoting the movie for its upcoming screening at the Metro Manila Film Festival, Ozawa recently stated in an interview that she’s looking for a Filipino boyfriend to spend the Christmas season with, which lasts from September until Christmas Day in the Philippines.

That’s a long time for Ozawa, a native-born citizen of Japan, where Christmas is regarded as a couples’ holiday — much like Valentine’s Day in the West. Considering her popularity, the news came as a surprise to many fans that had been closely following her career over the past ten years, though we’re sure she had no shortage of volunteers…

At first glance it might seem like Ozawa is only looking for seasonal love to avoid winter loneliness setting in, but that might not be the case, since the actress has gone on to say that she would like to stay in the Philippines permanently. When her one-year condo lease is up in 2017, the actress says she hopes to settle down with a place of her own.

Perhaps by then she’ll have found Mr. Right to make her wish come true.

Source: Coconuts Manila
Top/feature image: Instagram/maria.ozawa