We’ve all had embarrassing moments with our parents, but few of them were livestreamed for all to see!

We’ve all had embarrassing moments when our mothers walked into our rooms at exactly the wrong moment. It’s horrifying, but thankfully these moments aren’t usually being shared with the Internet for all to see.

UsuallyThis poor girl wasn’t so lucky…


As you can tell from the text scrolling across the screen, this young lady was apparently dancing as part of a niconico Douga livestream. In case you’re not familiar with niconico Douga, it’s a bit like a combination of Twitch and YouTube, except that it displays user comments directly over the video. As for all the “w”s zipping across the video, that’s the Japanese equivalent of “LOL,” which is obviously what everyone watching this video is doing!

The whole situation is, of course, hilarious but the look on the mother’s face, while pixelated beyond recognition, is absolutely priceless. We can only imagine the conversation she and her daughter later had about the dangers of the Internet, dancing, and combining the two.

Naturally, Internet commenters were greatly amused!

“The looks on both of their faces were hilarious!”
“The moment when they lock eyes…”
“But they kind of seem like they’re close…”
“Is this from a sketch comedy show or something?!”
“Come on, mom! Knock first!”
“The timing is priceless!”

While we can appreciate how unsettling it must be for a mother to catch her daughter dancing online for a bunch of strangers, we also can’t help being thankful for this amazing video. We’re sure we’ll be cackling about it for days to come!

Sources: Hamusoku, Twitter/@Cry_tiO
Featured image: Twitter/@Cry_tiO