Tired of Apple’s standard apps clogging up your iPhone or iPad screen? This simple workaround can help!

Apple devices come with a number of useful applications included, but not all of them are necessarily ones iPhone and iPad users regularly utilize. And while downloaded apps can easily be removed, the same can’t be said with the standard set of pre-installed apps, like iBooks, Find Friends, and Stocks.

But according to a recent video that’s popped up on YouTube, there’s a nifty trick to removing those pesky unused apps from your home screen.

According to the video’s instructions:

1. Group all your unused apps into one folder

2. Long tap the app you want to hide

3. Move it to the second page, which you can do by dragging it to the right

4. Drag it to the third page

5. While long tapping the app, push the home button and watch it disappear!

That’s it!

It almost sounds too easy to be true, so we decided to give it a try on iOS 9.2 with the Find Friends app. After completing step five the application zoomed to the left and disappeared from sight, proving that in a matter of seconds it really is possible to clean up your home menu screen.

If you ever do find you need to use the applications, no need to worry! All you have to do is restart your device or perform a quick search and run the apps to restore them to your home screen.


Although this trick may only be a temporary fix, we recommend anyone trying to clean up their menu clutter to give it a try. It works on devices operating on iOS 9.0 or higher.

As for a more permanent solution, besides attempting to jailbreak your device and removing the applications manually, there doesn’t seem to be one yet. Hopefully it’ll be an option Apple eventually gives users in the future.

Source: YouTube/videosdebarraquito via Metro
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