Japanese lifehack from Tokyo Police Department helps you open chip packets with ease

Tired of ripping into stubborn chip packs with your teeth? Now you won’t ever have to do that again, and the tools you need for the trick are likely to be in your pocket.

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Cute cat shows off incredible skills with cup-and-ball game【Video】

No matter how many times the cups are moved, this cat always knows which cup the ball is in.

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Fix wet pages in notebooks with this simple lifehack from Japan!

All it takes are two quick and easy steps to make wet notebooks look brand new again.

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How to win tug-of-war with a dog who doesn’t want walkies to end

Watch this resolute stand-off dissolve into joyous jumping thanks to a simple trick by the pup’s owner.

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Japan Airlines adds a dash of magic to promote its new credit card【Video】

Let magician Zach Mueller show you some credit card wizardry in this new commercial.

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Hide stubborn iPhone apps with this handy trick

Tired of Apple’s standard apps clogging up your iPhone or iPad screen? This simple workaround can help!

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Meet Takeshi Kamisato, Hawaii’s “koma” spinning top and yo-yo master 【Video】

Takeshi Kamisato is absolutely hypnotizing to watch. The Hawaiian native is a self-described “yo-yo superhero master,” not to mention a pro at the Japanese spinning top, as well as having been an avid skateboarder for over 20 years.

It’s hard not to like a guy whose “passion for life is infectious,” and even harder to deny his unmistakable skills in the following video!

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Life hacks from Japan: Cancelling a stop on an elevator, amazing curry and more

Have you ever gotten on an elevator in the lobby, pressed the button for the seventh floor, and then groaned with the realization that you needed the sixth? Or had to throw out a pair of scissors grown dull through years of use?

There are millions of small annoyances and frustrations that seem basically unavoidable. They’re not really serious, but wouldn’t it be nice if someone could go around making our lives easier? While that probably won’t happen until the robot revolution (come on, WALL-E!), there are a few tricks that you can use to fix these tiny frustrations, so join us after the break for some awesome life hacks from Japan!

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Ninja life skills: The most hardcore way to get infinite 1-Ups in Super Mario Bros. 【Video】

You can’t keep a good plumber down, and Super Mario Bros. is still going strong decades after it first launched. Veteran players will no doubt already know the locations of every hidden block, the route to every warp zone, and how to score easy extra lives by bouncing Koopa Trooper shells off staircases, but this last trick for unlimited 1-Ups isn’t so easy. Yup, it turns out that sometimes if you want infinite lives you actually have to work for them.

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