and it burns burns burns

If driving weren’t already nerve-wracking enough…!

When driving, your mind has to be focused on so many things at once: your speed, the road ahead, whether or not you need to change lanes soon, plus the actions of all the drivers on the road around you. For veteran drivers, all of this becomes second-nature, but the moment something out of the ordinary happens, it can really send you reeling.

So imagine what these drivers felt as a dump truck comes barreling out of nowhere, its cargo bed filled with flames and spewing smoke, racing through this undersea tunnel in Hong Kong.

The driver who caught the incident on his dashboard camera can be heard shouting out in surprise, followed by a long bleep of what is undoubtedly a string of obscenities.

fa8f0be5Image: Mingpao News

Police report that shortly after the video ended, the fire was promptly extinguished, and there were no injuries reported. A lucky escape for all involved!

Source and top image: YouTube/《明報》多媒體頻道 via Toychan Net