Flaming dump truck seen speeding through undersea tunnel in Hong Kong 【Video】

If driving weren’t already nerve-wracking enough…!

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Take a peek inside the private lives of giant pandas!【Video】

Let’s face it, the world has a giant love for giant pandas. The cuddly endangered species are easily the most popular bears on earth, thanks to their unique monotone hide and laid-back nature. Sometimes we wonder if they know that they are almost like superstars, with a huge following of humans creating (and eating) foodstuffs inspired by them, and live streaming cameras allowing people across the globe to watch them like the paparazzi keeping a tab on some Hollywood star.

While we’ve seen videos of the adorable animals enjoying their day in enclosure, the folks in Sichuan province in southwest China have managed to capture rare footage of pandas in the wild for the first time after more than 10 years of observation. Watch this big fuzzy bear do a handstand while he thinks no one’s watching.

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