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“Hello? Yes, my truck seems to be on fire… No, don’t worry, I’m bringing it to you. See you in five!”

Picture the scene: you’re cruising along in your truck when suddenly you realise that there’s smoke coming from the back. Where there’s smoke, as the old saying goes, there’s fire, and when you’re carrying nothing but an enormous pile of dry timber, you can be sure that it’ll be a big one, too.

That’s precisely what happened to one truck driver in Hefei, the capital city of China’s Anhui Province, on January 18. But rather than pulling over to the side of the road and calling for help as most of us would in that situation, the driver decided that it would be quicker to simply put his foot to the floor and take the fire directly to the fire station.

Here’s a report from a Chinese news agency:

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident and the fire crew was able to extinguish the blaze within just a few moments of their unexpected visitor’s arrival. We’re glad that the driver was able to save his truck, and have to commend his quick thinking, but at the same time we can’t help thinking that carrying a bed of flames through town isn’t the safest solution to a problem we’ve ever heard…

Oh, and in case any of our regular readers were wondering: no, this wasn’t the same truck spotted speeding through a tunnel in China recently with its back end on fire. Though that would have made a great story…

Source: Livedoor News h/t Toychan
Featured image: YouTube/新闻 新闻