A while back, we introduced a realistic ninja throwing star origami template for all of you ninjas-in-training, but if you’re more of a sword-wielding samurai-type (and you happen to drive a truck), you can now turn your shift knob into a samurai sword! Or, well, at least half of one…

These katana shift knobs are hand-crafted by skilled sword craftsmen from Seki City in Gifu Prefecture, Japan, an area famous for its blade production and cutlery.

Similar sword-handle shift knobs have appeared on the market before, but nothing can compare to the authenticity of these, having been produced by expert sword makers.


They are available in standard red or black, but can also be ordered in a number of other custom colors. Since they are made from authentic katana handles, you can feel like you’re ready to draw your sword against an enemy each time you go to change gears.


Unfortunately though, these are only made to fit two-ton trucks or larger, so while the average driver may not be able to bling out their ride with this unique accessory, any truck driver out their can now turn their work vehicle into a battle field!

Source and images: Japaaan Magazine