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This new subscription box is full of extremely cute items from Japan that will make your heart go *boom boom*.

Monthly subscription boxes are blowing up these days! If you’ve never heard of them before, though, they’re fairly simple: People pay a small price each month to receive a curated mystery box full of stuff relating to a particular theme. Each crate is generally aimed at a particular fan base, but recently they have become so popular that there are even monthly boxes for your pets!

Japan Crate is the box you want if you are willing to try a bunch of uniquely Japanese snacks every month. This past December, they debuted the newest addition to their subscription line-up, the Doki Doki Crate. Avid manga readers will recognize the doki doki sound effect as meaning the sound of an excited, racing heart. Japan Crate hopes to get your heart pumping with the prospect of the most kawaii things they can fit into a box.

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Inside each crate, you will find 8-10 items from wearables and keychains to figures, miniatures and plushies. They promise that each super kawaii box will be the cutest thing you lay your eyes on every month. Since the items must be procured from Japan, the price of this subscription box is a little higher than some of the other ones out there, but if you need to fuel up on “kawaii” each month, this box might be exactly the thing you are looking for.

▼ Japan Crate apparently has cartoon animals helping them pack the boxes.

doki crate 1

Judging by the pictures, if you are into super cute things but are averse to the color pink, then you probably won’t love this crate. However, if you can see past the brilliant, vibrant shades, you could receive some rare collectible items such as a coveted Charizard-costumed Pikachu necklace!

doki crate 2

Kawaii fans looking to place an order can head on over to the Japan Crate website to sign up for a subscription. One lucky person each month will also receive the Suteki Crate, a special premium box filled with extra special kawaii goods. Your heart will be beating hard in your chest every month when you check the mail — we know, because it says so right on the box!

▼ February’s Suteki Crate pictured here

doki crate 4

Source & Images: Japan Crate