ginzan onsen 01

No, that’s not a screenshot from a Ghibli Film, it’s real life!

While some people in Japan have been enjoying the recent snowfall by creating “invisible people” out of frozen jeans, other parts of Japan have been showing off just how unbelievably beautiful they can look under a fresh blanket of snow.

And we have to say the best in snow so far this year has to be these shots of Ginzan Hot Springs in Japan’s northern Yamagata Prefecture taken by Japanese Twitter user @yossy_photo:

▼ “Title: ‘Snow falling on Ginzan.’ I’m so happy I got my long-awaited pictures of a Ginzan Hot Springs covered in snow.”

▼ Why are all these snowflakes getting in my mouth?
Oh right, because my jaw hit the ground.

ginzan onsen 01

▼ All that snow looks like it was finely crafted by an artist,
rather than having fallen from the sky.

ginzan onsen 02

▼ Are we positive these are snowflakes and not little hot spring fairies zooming around?

ginzan onsen 03

▼ For at least one day, Disney World lost its position as the most magical place on Earth.

ginzan onsen 04

The word’s still out on whether or not anyone was whisked away by fanciful spirits during this magical scene, but in the meantime, here’s what Japanese net users had to say about this winter wonderland:

“Amazing. It looks like something out of a fairy tale.”
“I want to soak in a nice hot spring with that view.”
“Japan can be pretty great sometimes.”
“A beautiful scene and a skilled photographer came together.”
“Or skilled Photoshopper (I know I’m a terrible person).”

Sure, perhaps the photographer touched up the photos with a little bit of Photoshop. But even then, that’s just part of the artistic process, like putting clay in a kiln or framing a painting, and doesn’t change the beauty of the final pictures

Either way, as with all things cool and magical, we choose to believe.

Source: Twitter/yossy_photo via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/yossy_photo