Who says sumo wrestlers can’t be sexy?

Unlike the athletes who participate in most other sports around the world, sumo wrestlers are not typically thought of as conventionally attractive (although some of them have been dubbed “cute”). With their extremely large bodies, diaper-like outfits, and hair all done up in a bun, you wouldn’t expect them to pose almost naked for the entire world to see.

And yet here we are. Sumo wrestler Takateru Irodori tweeted this photo of himself and two fellow sumo wrestlers enjoying a good, naked time together at the hot spring:

▼ “Hot springs are the best.”


We have to say that this photo raises a whole lot of questions. Who took the picture? How did they get everyone’s heads positioned so well? Did it go something like: “Ah, nope, I can still see it. Move your head a bit more to the side.” And lastly, is there any way we can donate some selfie sticks to these sumo wrestlers who are in such obvious need?

Japanese netizens were shocked to see the sumo wrestlers in such a ridiculous photo, especially when they’re usually expected to act extremely reserved at all times:

“Yeah, I could’ve lived my life without seeing that.”
“Is it okay for them to post pictures like this?”
“Pretty sure it’s not, but who cares? It’s hilarious.”
“Those guys should put out a gravure photo album. I’d buy it.”
“I took that picture! I was shaking so bad, but I’m glad it came out good.”

Well that answers some of our questions. The photographer was fellow sumo wrestler/Twitter user @teraoumi. Although, we should’ve known only another sumo wrestler would be capable of taking such an incredible photo. Mere mortals such as ourselves would of course be blinded by glorious light after gazing upon such beauty in the flesh.

Source: Twitter/@y2t1k1310 via Kinisoku