Employee scared of asking foreigners to pay for tickets cost Tokyo garden a huge amount of money

Staggering sum required help of another worker to cover up.

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Cherry blossoms are blooming in Japan in October, but why?

The country’s symbol of spring is being spotted in mid-autumn, so we held a one-man sakura party to celebrate!

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Stunning high-definition promotional short of Hokkaido city leaves jaws hanging【Video】

The fine balance between lush greenery and vibrant city makes Kushiro a nature lover’s paradise.

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10 gorgeous, must-visit places to see the autumn leaves in Japan

There’s no better time to come to Japan than fall, and no better way to spend your trip than by wandering through these crimson forests and gardens.

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Hirado Castle commemorates 300th anniversary with enchanting event, gorgeous projection mapping

Be sure not to miss this brilliant light show if you’re in the neighborhood.

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Beautiful hotel on Japan’s northern island has frozen rooms, ice outdoor bath【Photos】

Hokkaido gets cold in the winter, and this hotel gets incredible.

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Japan’s famous Great Buddha of Kamakura, Shirakawa village grace beautiful new Coca-Cola bottles

Six new designs unveiled in continuing series that salutes Japan’s natural beauty and cultural legacy.

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South Korea’s annual body painting festival sees humans transforming into exquisite works of art

The best canvas in the world turns out to be skin.

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Gorgeous sheets of Japanese edible color will make your next bento project look incredible【Pics】

They’re also a fun way to trick your kids into eating something healthy.

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Japanese version of Clean Bandit’s song “Solo” is set in Kyoto, impresses Japanese fans

The video is an homage to the beautiful old Japanese city and a reflection of their love for Japanese culture and aesthetics.

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Gigantic lightning-spitting thundercloud appears in the skies over Tokyo【Videos】

Appearance of frightening but beautiful Dragon’ Nest shows that summer isn’t ready to say good-bye just yet.

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One yen camera: we bought an extremely cheap camera off Yahoo! Auctions and tested it out【Pics】

It’s amazing what you can do with a $0.01 film camera.

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Can you crack this beautifully minimalist comparison of Japan’s big cities and rural countryside?

Designer cleverly shows a big difference between the two and reflects a unique part of Japanese culture.

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Amazingly beautiful animated fireworks show Japan’s fireworks are on a whole other level【Videos】

Stunningly skillful creations have some saying they look like they’re projection mapped, but it’s all master-level pyrotechnics.

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This Shinto shrine’s gorgeous glass gateways are the only ones of their kind in all Japan【Photos】

Torii gates always have an elegant allure, but none quite like this shrine’s.
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Anime Spirited Away finds a new way to be beautiful with gorgeous traditional hanafuda card set

The Studio Ghibli classic turns out to be a perfect motif for Japan’s centuries-old “flower cards.”

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Surreally amazing Osaka sunset has some seeing the gates of hell, others heaven on Earth【Video】

Unfiltered video is like a scene from a Makoto Shinkai anime or a terrifying horror movie, depending on your perspective.

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Photos of abandoned power plants in Japan show the hidden beauty in ruins【Photos】

Deteriorating facilities remind us of the power of time and the fragility of man’s monuments.
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TeamLab Borderless: A visitor’s guide to Tokyo’s new jaw-dropping interactive light museum

Before you head to Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLab Borderless, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

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Sado Island: A relatively unknown historical, natural, and tourist gem of Japan

History buffs, nature fans, and Japanese culture enthusiasts will want to check out this island in the Sea of Japan.

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