Photos of abandoned power plants in Japan show the hidden beauty in ruins【Photos】

Deteriorating facilities remind us of the power of time and the fragility of man’s monuments.
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TeamLab Borderless: A visitor’s guide to Tokyo’s new jaw-dropping interactive light museum

Before you head to Mori Building Digital Art Museum: EPSON teamLab Borderless, there are a few things you’ll need to know.

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Sado Island: A relatively unknown historical, natural, and tourist gem of Japan

History buffs, nature fans, and Japanese culture enthusiasts will want to check out this island in the Sea of Japan.

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Beautiful Japanese dessert looks like slice of starry space, only available at convenience stores

Celebrate the arrival of Japan’s deep space probe at its asteroid destination with a dessert both achingly gorgeous and totally affordable.

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Beautiful mountain farmlands are yet another reason to visit rural Japan

As if you really needed more motivation

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Hokkaido park’s “sakura on the ground” are a breathtaking reason to venture beyond Sapporo

The often-overlooked Doto region of Japan’s northern island is off the beaten path, but should be on your itinerary.

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Beautiful “sandy beach” near Nagasaki Airport is not made of sand…it’s made of glass!

And it doesn’t hurt to walk on it with your bare feet!

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Travel back in time to this timeless Japanese hot spring inn from the Taisho period【Photos】

You can practically taste the nostalgia permeating this Taisho-era ryokan in Kagoshima Prefecture.

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Breathtakingly beautiful beach in often-overlooked part of Japan is like a scene out of Your Name

Chichibugahama Beach looks like a Makoto Shinkai anime come to life, and is well worth a detour off the beaten travel path.
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Japanese Twitter user posts beautiful photos of what may be Japan’s most picturesque shrine

Gorgeous photos show an otherworldly shrine hidden away in the heart of Kyushu.

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The brilliant blue flowers of Hitachi Seaside Park: Your next flower viewing stop in Japan【Pics】

With sakura season done in the Tokyo area, it’s time to switch from pink to blue and the 4.5 million Nemophila flowers of this amazing park.

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Beautiful Kyoto snapshot of graceful heron in a swirl of sakura has much less artistic backstory

Simple urge leads to extremely Japanese photo-op.

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These stunningly beautiful seasonal pink flowers from Japan are NOT cherry blossoms【Photos】

Gorgeous photographs and video prove the sakura aren’t the only stars of Japanese flora.

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This beautiful Kyoto dry landscape garden…is part of a Starbucks?!?【Photos】

The coffeehouse carries on Japanese traditions in Uji, the country’s most famous tea-growing town.

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Turning Tokyo techno-cool with a quick and awesome smartphone camera trick【Videos, photos】

Even SoraNews24 headquarters looks amazing when it’s recast as a virtual computer realm.

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This detailed Gundam “sketch” is actually an unbelievably colored 3-D model kit!【Photos】

One of Japan’s most talented anime modelers continues to create works of art that look more 2-D than most actual drawings.

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Super blue blood moon appears over Tokyo, poses with Skytree, other landmarks for beautiful pics

Even if something happens once in a blue moon, it’s still not as rare, or gorgeous, as this.

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Tokyo’s most famous landmarks are even more beautiful after heaviest snowfall in years【Photos】

Sensoji Temple, the Ghibli Museum, and Tokyo Disneyland are always worth a visit, but especially on snowy days like this.

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Heavy snowfall in Tokyo turns the city’s borderline river into a breathtaking misty wonderland

Cinema fans might be reminded of a famous Ghibli anime and Godzilla film, but this is one time when real-life Japan is better than any movie magic.

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Colorful smoke-like clouds over Kyushu delight and frighten residents

In less tumultuous times, more people might have enjoyed the display.

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