frozen pants top

All those topless invisible people must be pretty cold out there!

As you may have heard, Japan (as well as many other places in the world) has been battered by snowstorms this past week. This has of course brought along with it such joys of winter as shoveling snow, miserable driving conditions, freezing tap water, and never quite feeling warm until May.

So to deal with the stress, and to show off just how dang cold it is, some Twitter users have gotten creative and made “invisible people” by snapping photos of their frozen jeans standing upright outside in the cold.

Ready to freeze your pants off? Then take a look at some of these “invisible people” pictures:

▼ Woah! Hey! I didn’t see you there!

▼ Just hangin’ out, bein’ invisible with some friends in the snow.

▼ Looks like this invisible guy got a little cold and had to put on a frozen shirt too.

▼ There’s something about the distance and lighting in this one that
makes it just a little too natural and creepy-looking…

▼ Hey, even an invisible person has to eat sometimes.

▼ Going for a nice, cold, invisible nighttime stroll.

Some people got a little more creative, like these pictures of “invisible people” stuck in snow.

▼ Or these ones getting ready for some invisible skiing.

▼ Or even invisible bike riding.

▼ Others tried using different frozen garments besides jeans, such as this frozen sock,
which is now most likely the property of an invisible woman…

▼ …or this frozen underwear, which some invisible man out there is probably extremely thankful for.

Have you spotted any “invisible people” nearby you, or created some yourself? Let us know in the comments so we can laugh and forget, just for a little while, how much shoveling we still have left to do.

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Twitter/foggy_blur