Snow White and the Wicked Queen cosplay is now complete with this specially grown black “poison apple”.

Based on a German fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Walt Disney’s 1937 animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is as well-known for its cast of unusual characters as it is for the magical apple at the centre of the story. Imbued with a magical spell by the jealous Queen, Snow White falls into a deep slumber upon eating the fruit, only to be wakened by “love’s first kiss” at the end of the tale.


Now a magic shop in Japan has released their own version of the poison apple; only this time, its mystical powers won’t put you in a deathlike slumber. Instead, it’s designed to help grant wishes in the realms of marriage or unrequited love, and is said to help you meet that “special someone”, much like how Snow White met her Prince and was then whisked off to his castle at the end of the fairytale.


For sale during the Valentine’s Day period only, the fruit is a special “black apple”, so-called for its dark colour, and comes from an orchard at the foot of the Dewa Sanzen mountain range in Yamagata Prefecture. This area is thought by some to have an abundance of spiritual energy due to its pristine natural conditions and the fact that it’s home to three sacred mountains, Mount Haguro, Mount Gassan and Mount Yudono.

▼ With a shrine atop each mountain, torii gates, like this one on Mount Haguro, can be found all around the sacred range.


The apple’s power comes from the mystical area in which it was grown, and its efficacy is said be enhanced with a special incantation, which is included in the boxed set.


According to the instructions, the apple should be cleaned, and then the spell should be cast on it. Following that, you can then eat the apple to make your wish come true, or you can give it to another person to eat, depending on your desire. While the apple can be eaten raw, you can also “light it with fire” by placing it in the oven and baking an apple pie, which can then be given to a potential sweetheart…which means you might want to avoid accepting any apple-based sweets from strangers this Valentine’s Day.


Love spells don’t come cheap, though, with each boxed set of the 280-gram (9.9-ounce) apple and incantation selling for 10,800 yen (US$92).



Whether you’ve got your eye on a potential lover or if you’re in love with creating an authentic cosplay, this is certainly one unique purchase.

Source: Kuromajutsu
Top image: Kuromajutsu
Insert images: Kuromajutsu, Wikimedia Commons/Japanexperterna.se