star wars art 1

There are no reference photos and no sketches; just an artist, a pen and his beautiful mind.

Kim Jung Gi is no ordinary artist. Born in Korea, he attended Dong-Eui University in Busan as well as serving the mandatory two years in the South Korean Army. Between art school and the military, he developed a keen eye and amazing memorization techniques that made it possible for him to draw straight from his memory, no sketches necessary.

In October of 2015, Kim performed a three-hour live drawing that incorporated characters and ships from the Star Wars universe mixed with elements from medieval Japan. The result was an insanely gorgeous illustration that any fan of Star Wars would happily add to their collection.

All our favorites make an appearance as the piece includes characters from Episode I to Episode VI. Everyone is given an old-time Japan makeover, by either donning traditional battle armor or, in the case of the AT-AT, the addition of a portable shrine on their back.

It’s hard to believe that Kim drew all of this off the top of his head, even after watching the time-lapse video for ourselves. But you can definitely tell that the (artistic) Force is strong in this one.

Kim has an impressive resume of comic book art and live art shows, so there’s probably something in his portfolio for everyone to enjoy. He holds the Guinness World Record for the longest drawing by a person with his fisheye art illustration of Penang, an island off of Malaysia. His year already looks to be filled with comic book conventions and art gallery shows, so be sure to check his website for the most up-to-date information about his appearances.

Fans who are interested in hanging a bit of this epic Star Wars mural on their own wall can buy one of three 12 inch by 12 inch prints for US$30 each, here.

Source: YouTube/Art Whino
Additional Information: Kim Jung Gi Net
Top Image: Instagram/kimjunggius