Talented freehand tattoo artist combines the unconventional with the traditional.

Gakkin is a Japanese tattoo artist operating out of Harizanmai tattoo studio in Kyoto. He works freehand, mostly doing what he describes as “a new approach to traditional Japanese themes”. He’s willing to think outside the box and ink designs that others might shy away from, and some of his favourite themes include namakubi (severed heads), blood, and shunga (erotic art). While he’s no stranger to inking permanent depictions of genitalia and graphic sexual scenes onto his clients’ skin, he still sticks to traditional “wabori” rules such as tigers going with bamboo, and cherry blossom and maple leaves never appearing together in the same design.

Leaving the more shocking stuff aside, Gakkin’s work is stunningly beautiful, and some of the most impactful designs use only black with a dash of red. Enjoy this taster of his work below and check out more on his Instagram account.

Which one’s your favourite?

Source: Tattoo Artist Magazine via Design Taxi
Images: Gakkin on Instagram

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