Amazing time-lapse-style video shows 150-year history of the growth of train stations in Japan

Points of light shine bright, and sometimes disappear, in this fascinating look at the last century and a half.

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Mt Fuji looks unusual, sparks fears of possible eruption

Puzzled locals fear the sleeping giant may be coming to life. 

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Beautiful Mt. Fuji sunrise or literal end of the world? Video looks like it could be either one

Time-lapse video ends with a big surprise.

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Oddly beautiful to watch, yet hellish to be in.

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Stunning time-lapse photography, “Sea of Clouds”, shows off Hong Kong’s natural beauty【Video】

There’s so much more to China’s southern city than skyscrapers…

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Take in the enormity of China with video series that makes it look like a tiny toy【Video】

Chinese cities shot in time-lapse and tilt-shift give a view of the most populated country in the world from a completely new angle.

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Mesmerizing time-lapse video shows enormous, intricate maze being drawn over six months【Video】

A Japanese hobbyist spent six months drawing a massive and complex maze on a wall-sized sheet of paper. Thankfully, he filmed the whole thing and set it to some catchy J-Pop for our viewing pleasure.

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Korean artist stuns with 3-hour Star Wars illustration merging the Force and feudal Japan【Video】

There are no reference photos and no sketches; just an artist, a pen and his beautiful mind.

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A week’s work on a Tibetan sand mandala, captured in eight mesmerizing minutes of video

Artwork takes many forms, from charcoal drawings to oil paintings, clay sculptures to wood carvings. All these types of mediums are durable in a sense, able to last many years if properly cared for. But what would you think of an artist who, after spending weeks on a project, purposefully destroys his masterpiece only a few days after its completion?

That is, in fact, part of the ritual of Tibetan sand mandala, which are symbols in Indian religions, particularly Buddhism, that symbolize the universe. Watch the incredible time-lapse video below of three Tibetan Buddhist monks as they labor away creating one of these beautiful, transient works of art!

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We swear you’ve never seen Tokyo like this before 【Video】

Art can appear in the strangest of places and what qualifies as art is as wide and as varied as the works themselves. So, what about a city? Can a city be art? You might not think so, but artist darwinfish105 is about to prove you wrong with his breathtaking shots of Tokyo.

You are about to see the largest city in the world change into a futuristic technological metropolis. In addition, all of this is accomplished with just a camera and some mirrors.

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Patlabor’s giant robot gets taken out to the ballgame, keeps the peace in Chiba 【Video】

In planning any large-scale sporting event, organizers have to take security needs into consideration. Any time you combine thousands of people in a confined space with heightened emotions and flowing alcohol, there’s at least the chance that some individuals will be tempted to cross the line of polite behavior or even public safety, so it’s always a good idea to have a few security guards or uniformed police officers on hand.

Or, as shown in this awesome time-lapse video filmed outside a stadium in Chiba Prefecture, the giant robot from Patlabor.

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Beautiful HDR Time-lapse of Tokyo Will Make You Want to Travel to Japan. Now.

One of the many wonderful things about modern technology is that it not only allows us to visit new places from the comfort of our homes, but also to experience familiar places in completely new ways.

For example, I have visited Tokyo numerous times over the three years I have called Japan my home and I feel like I have a pretty good idea of what the city is all about: skyscrapers, bright lights, crowds of busy people, corn man. But run all that through high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, record it in time-lapse, and watch it on YouTube in 1080p and the city sights I know so well take on a completely different, almost otherworldly, appearance.

Check out the video below!

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