These workouts are a little more “personalized” than the ones your local gym offers…

Over the past decade, fitness newbies and professionals the world over have latched on to yoga, and the Koreans are no exceptions. And according to one Korea-centric website, the kind of yoga that’s trending in Korea right now isn’t your ordinary solo stretch routine, however, but something you do in pairs, preferably with someone you’re either romantically involved with or extremely comfortable around.

That’s right, young fitness enthusiasts are hurrying to join “couple yoga” classes, a type of partner yoga that aims to add a little more skinship into your relationship as you and your partner strike some rather suggestive poses while enjoying a workout together.

Though the title of the video may suggest this video came straight out of some wacky Korean game show, apparently these hot moves are for real.



We’re not really sure if you can call these kinds of positions authentic yoga, but the exercise couldn’t hurt, and it’s guaranteed to add a little spice into your routine provided you can make it to the end of the workout without getting distracted by the appeal of engaging in “other activities” instead.

Source: YouTube/Game Show TV via Zaeega
Feature/insert images: YouTube/Game Show TV