How many variations can you make of the same 1910s hairdo? A lot apparently—so many that we can barely tell the difference between them!

A few weeks ago we wrote about a video that showed women’s popular hairstyles over the past 100 years. Included in that video was the popular up-do of the second decade of the 20th century. Little did we know however, that this same up-do had many variations that all look pretty much the same, save for some intricate details.

▼1910s due made in present day

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Recently, some photos surfaced that appear to have come from a hairstyle book, like those you might flip through at the salon while awaiting your turn. It seems like women a hundred years ago might have done the same kind of flipping, but instead of choosing a new hairdo, they chose from different variations of the same one. Can you spot the difference?

▼ “Hm… Do I want a loop or bun today?”


While many of these dos look really similar at first glance, closer examination shows that are pretty different in the end. If you were a woman in 1910, which one of these would you choose?

Source/Images: Vintage Everyday via Zaeega