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Those kicks were fast as lightning! In fact it was a little bit frightening…

As someone who lacks balance, coordination, or any sort of physical strength, watching others excel at something that requires any of the above is especially awe-inspiring. Be it fancy basketballing, synchronized gymnastics, or dodging rapid-fire jabs from a deadly lance, as seen in the martial arts performance below, you can bet I will be watching, unblinking, while trying to wrap my head around how a human being can move with such grace and speed.

The video, though uploaded recently, is actually of a tournament from 2012, but the display of skill is so amazing that it’s surprising it’s taken this long for the lighting-fast duo to make waves.

In the beginning we see two young ladies facing each other on the mat, the one in red armed with a Chinese spear and the one in yellow weaponless and on defense. With an ear-piercing yell the fight begins, and it’s a ferocious flurry of spear jabs, swirling kicks, and flying fists. At her fastest, our spear-wielder makes at least 100 stabs in the span of 30 seconds. Even more amazing? The martial artist in yellow dodges all of her blows.

Yes, this is a staged fight, but still the speed and agility of both participants is something to be in awe of. The judges of the tournament were certainly impressed too, and awarded the pair the silver medal…and no we’re frightened to think of what the gold-medal winners’ routine looked like.

Source: YouTube/Weibo Official Channel via 人民網
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