glue gun art top

Apparently it’s possible to create something other than burned fingers when using hot glue.

We’ve seen some pretty amazing unconventional art recently, with sculptures made out of used tires and plastic figures being “dissected.” But this latest piece of unconventional art is the hottest one yet… literally!

Professional artist shir0xxx has been blowing the minds of Japanese Twitter users recently by showing off her masterpieces made out of an unusual medium: hot glue!

▼ “The glue gun has infinite possibilities! You probably have one just lying around!”

▼ A crown made entirely of hot glue, fit for a hot glue queen.

glue gun art 01

▼ You can peel off the hot glue designs from wax paper and use more hot glue to stick them to other hot glue designs! So much glue!

glue gun art 02

▼ Once it has dried, you can paint the glue different colors,
hiding the fact that it was ever glue at all.

▼ Another one of @shir0xxx’s designs which uses black hot glue sticks instead of the usual translucent ones. (Click pictures to enlarge.)

▼ The ball is an acrylic-painted apple with black hot glue dripped on it, and the “crown” was made flat on a piece of wax paper, then folded into a sphere after it cooled.

glue gun art 04

▼ And what do you do when you have a hot glue crown and drippy-ball-thing?
Pose with them of course!

glue gun art 03

▼ Apparently glue gun sticks come in an assortment of colors,
for all of your rainbow-gluing needs.

▼ Although we have to admit, the black one still probably stands out the best.

If you like what you’ve seen, then follow shir0xxx on Twitter for more. In addition to her amazing glue-gun work, she’s also posted other impressive art crafts, amazing cosplay, also perhaps most stunning of all, pictures of her incredibly photogenic cat.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

▼ “Yes, you may serve me out of a handcrafted hot-glue bowl. That is acceptable.”

glue gun art 05

Source: Twitter@white0314noriya via BUZZNET
Images: Twitter@white0314noriya