Japanese model cuts up her bra and turns it into a face mask

The fashion accessory of the season.

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100-yen store Daiso teaches us how to make our own cloth face masks

Give a person a mask and they’ll wear it for a day, teach a person to mask and…uh.

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When life hands you a crappy UFO catcher prize, make a tricked-out crappy UFO catcher prize

Our writer’s giant, flashing piece of hard candy is a triumph of the human spirit.

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We make a DIY face gel out of yuzu seeds, and it’s surprisingly cheap and easy!

Did you know that every part of the yuzu citrus fruit can be used for something?

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Do-it-yourself funeral kits go on sale in Japan

If funeral hall prices are killing you, this Nagano-based company wants to help make your final purchase an affordable one.

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We hit Japan’s biggest Halloween party poorly dressed as Japan’s hottest beverage

SoraNews24: Where amazing ideas are horribly executed, and horrible ideas are amazingly executed.

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Enter the cup noodle: Eating instant ramen in bullet time

Do you think that’s meat you’re eating?

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Go Hatori turns his small Japanese apartment into a batting cage for only 500 yen

No foul play with this DIY experiment, just cheap fun.

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Japanese PM Abe installing Canadian door knocker mesmerizes the globe【Video】

There’s something extremely relaxing about a world leader doing simple DIY.

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Leading toy maker in Japan releases DIY mayo-making machines

We take the Ultimate MYO for a spin and see if it truly is the limit of mayonnaise makers.

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Japanese mom finds adorable way to keep and recycle daughters’ cute pink baby onesie

If you have old baby clothes lying around, this might be a great way to use them!

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Let’s make some stylish shoes out of McDonald’s French fry boxes!

Ahiru Neko crafts footwear that is both a bold statement and eco-friendly.

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Is it cold enough in Hokkaido for banana hammers?

Our northern reporter dares to dream of a banana that can drive a nail through wood.

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One Piece announces Tony Tony Chopper bridal rings, DIY jewelry service

One Piece and accessory store U-Treasure had two awesome announcements just in time for the holiday season.

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Nifty Japanese rice wine kit lets you brew your own tasty sake in the comfort of your own home

Now you can make awesome sake like a pro, too.

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Head to Tokyo or Nagoya to make your own custom Pokémon jewelry from 87 cute designs

Jeweler U-Treasure is joining forces with all your favorite pocket monsters so that you can brand them into cool accessories – by hand! Read More

Awesome Japanese kindergarten magazine comes with sweet DIY capsule vending machine

Magazines for kids in Japan are so cool, even the adults want it.

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Japanese mother shares her baby bed wisdom: you can use storage boxes!

If it’s good enough for your bedsheets, it’s good enough for your baby! Social media collectively wonders why they didn’t think of it first.
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Steampunk designer shows off new occult gun, no CGI used in the making of this video

It’s the perfect weapon to fight evil, and by “fight evil” I mean scare the crap out of your pets.

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Best New Year’s idea ever: Japanese Twitter user opens jar of past year’s “saved happy memories”

Start your own now, because we’re going to need it by the end of 2018!

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