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When you want to help the Earth, but also need a living room conversation piece…

We recently introduced you to some seriously impressive artwork made out of a single sheet of paper, but today we’re featuring something that’s a bit more rugged: sculptures made from used tires.

Korean artist Yong Ho Ji takes discarded tires and makes them into unbelievable animal sculptures. His work was brought to the attention of the internet masses thanks to Japanese Twitter user @sukeyotafumi who recently posted this:

▼ “A lion made out of tires! Recycled used ones!”

▼ Eighty used tires came together to create this ferocious masterpiece.


▼ Although we have to admit the threat of being
bitten by rubber teeth isn’t quite as scary as-


▼ Er, uh, I mean… rubber teeth are scary!
Don’t look at me like that, Rubber Lion!


Being able to take something dead and discarded and give it new life is a true talent. What was once lying in a junkyard now looks like it’s prowling the savannah.

And that’s just one of Yong Ho Ji’s many creations. Here are a few more samples of his work from his website:

▼ Tire Rhino’s rough, rubbery skin looks very true-to-life.


▼ Tire Buffalo seems ready to charge something… and bounce right off it.


▼ Even being made of rubber doesn’t make giant spiders any less terrifying.


▼ Rubber Shark is so shiny and smooth as he hunts rubber fish.


▼ And there are human-animal hybrids as well,
like this Rubber Minotaur creation.


If you like what you’ve seen, then check out more of Yon Ho Ji’s work online. And, if you’re feeling inspired, why not try turning some garbage into art too? Maybe the next thing you know you’ll be featured in a recycled-art exhibit too.

Source: Twitter/@sukeyotafumi via Togech
Featured/top image: Twitter/@sukeyotafumi
Insert images: Twitter/@sukeyotafumi, Yong Ho Ji