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If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of your plastic figures would look like, here’s the dark answer!

We’ve all thought/had nightmares about our dolls and figures coming to life, putting us in a box, and storing us on a shelf to get revenge. But then we reassure ourselves: it’s okay, they’re not alive. They don’t even have organs or anything!

Unless, of course, someone goes ahead and puts those organs in there….

Enter U.S. artist Jason Freeny, who does just that. Among his many artistic pursuits, one of his most impactful and downright creepy are the “dissections” he does of popular character figures.

▼ Here’s Idolmaster’s Amami Haruka showing off her goods.

Jason’s work may not be exactly what you want staring back at you on your shelf, but the coolness is undeniable. His pieces have been featured in galleries, appeared in print collections, and even won numerous awards.

Here’s a taste of a few more of his anatomically educational pieces:

▼ Hello Kitty doesn’t look so cute when
you see what’s going on behind the silent smile.

▼ Kewpie Mayonnaise doll says: “Give me a hug!”

▼ “Hey there, Pluto! Wanna play fetch with a bone?”

▼ Hmm, kind of surprised the inside of Mario isn’t just filled with gold coins.

▼ Well now I feel bad for popping off hundreds of
these guys’ heads when I was a kid….

▼ I… I do not want to think about this when I am
eating delicious and cute cookies.

▼ And one of Jason’s digital creations: Domo-kun dissection!
At least he looks happy about it!

Can’t look away from the creepy creations? Don’t worry, we know the feeling. We’ve only shown off the tip of the autopsy iceberg here, so check out Jason’s Facebook page and official website for more uncomfortable-yet-intriguing artwork.

Source/images: Facebook/Jason Freeny