For those times when your romantic side gives way to your practical professional side.

A good marriage proposal story can turn your relationship from a run-of-the-mill novel to a magical fairy tale. All you want to hear is the word, “Yes,” so you’ll go to any lengths to find the perfect way to convey all your feelings but still provide compelling evidence that they should choose you. Sometimes trying to do all that wrapped up in a romantic gesture is hard, so one quirky proposer decided to approach it like a business deal, complete with a four-point plan on how to enrich their lives through marriage.

powerpoint 1

powerpoint 2

▼ Marriage Plan Merits <3> is mysteriously absent.

powerpoint 3

powerpoint 4

What do you think? Would this “passionate” plea for a new life together convince you to say yes to a proposal such as this? Or in this day and age of technology and order, is this business plan just the right way to appeal to your logical side? Let us know in the comments below.

And, for the record, it appears this “contract” was approved!

Source: BUZZmag
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