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Are you a big otaku with a big hole in your heart? This might be just what you’re looking for to help you find who you’re looking for.

When taking the first steps towards a new romantic relationship, it can be hard to find the proper timing to reveal personal information. How many dates should you go on before you mention whether or not you ever want kids? At what point is it OK to talk about your political or religious views? And perhaps most importantly, how much time should you let pass before you tell your potential partner that you’re a huge otaku?

A handful of organizations in Japan are taking the guesswork out of that last question by organizing matchmaking parties specifically for fans of anime and video games, and now singles in the States can enjoy such services thanks to New York-based Otaku Speed Dating.

Billing itself as the Big Apple’s “premier otaku and gamer speed dating” organizer, Otaku Speed Dating’s one-hour events allow participants to meet 10 other single fans of anime, video games, cosplay, or one of the other otaku disciplines in rapid-fire, three-minute sessions. Once you’re done, you’ll fill out an evaluation card for each mini-date, and Otaku Speed Dating will put you in contact with any participants with whom you felt a mutual attraction.

Participants must be 18 or older, but there’s no dress code to adhere to. Otaku Speed Dating says to come in whatever is comfortable for you. The company even expressly states that light cosplay is welcome, although it asks that attendees refrain from wearing bulky, walkway obstructing outfits or bringing weaponry, even of the fake variety. Snacks and soft drinks are served at all events, and alcohol can be purchased at certain venues if you’re over 21 and need a glass of liquid courage.

The company’s next mixer is coming up on July 8 at New York’s Cafe Victoria. Reservations can be made online here, where they’re normally priced at US$35, but because Otaku Speed Dating loves all you Rocketeers, you can enter the promotional code ROCKET50 for a 50-percent discount. That means that if you do meet someone special, and you both used the code, you’ll collectively have saved 35 bucks, which you can put towards an anime box set to watch while snuggling together on the couch during your next stay-in-and-cook-dinner-together date.

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Top image: Otaku Speed Dating (edited by RocketNews24)

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