Otaku often have more anime merch than they know what to do with, which can lead to them coming up with novel ways to use it. Also never underestimate their power to find creative ways to be strangely pervy.

Ok, you’ll have to bear with me on this one, because the images can be a little hard to comprehend. I’ll take you through it step by step.

Any anime fan knows that out of the mounds of merch that grace the shelves of stores like Animate, there’s one go-to item that’s both cheap, and actually useful for something: clear files.


Kawaii Otaku

▼ They can transform your boring stacks of documents…


Wikimedia Commons

▼ …into neatly organized folders of cute and colorful anime goodness!



However, one creative otaku on Twitter has found something even more useful to do with his clear files other than fill them with potentially important documents that shouldn’t be lost.

▼ What could this mysterious piece of paper be?

▼ A…bra! (In case you’re wondering, the character is Sakiko Kasuga from KONAMI’S music project ‘Hinabita’.)

Look closely now! All you need is a a carefully cut out and colored bit of paper to put under the girls on your clear folders, and lo-and-behold you get a peek at their bras! 

Fellow Otaku on Twitter summed up their feelings in one single word: Genius.

Poor 2-D girls, it seems there’s just no escaping showing their underwear to the world.

Source: Jin115