All of the miracles you need, in a handy little pouch!

As part of their Mousou Shouhinka Doujou (literally “wild idea merchandise dojo”), retailers Felissimo and YOU+MORE present the online public with a new product theme at the beginning of each month. Then, product ideas following the theme are presented by the site’s team of creators – readers are encouraged to submit their ideas too! The public then has the opportunity to vote for their favorite product, and the winner will be produced for sale at Felissimo’s website.

This month’s theme is “maniac pouch”(maniakku-sugiru poochi), and with 10 cute and crazy ideas for zippered pouches on the table, one (or technically two!) in particular seems to be getting a lot of attention.

The stories of Noah’s ark and Moses’ parting of the Red Sea from the Bible’s Old Testament were the inspiration for these pouch ideas, yet they are cute enough for anyone to enjoy.

From the outside, Moses’ pouch just looks like calm ocean waves. You wouldn’t know it had any Biblical theme to it if it weren’t for the Moses charm on the zipper.


But, take the Moses charm, stand him upright to unzip the pouch, and…


…it’s a miracle! The sea has been parted for the people to flee!


A fish, squid, and shell – who didn’t quite get out of the way in time it seems – lie at the bottom as the walls of waves tower above them.


Next is the Noah’s ark pouch, which from the outside, looks plain and unimposing.


The charm on the zipper is of the fabled white dove, which Noah is said to have let go in search of land and which brought back a branch of an olive tree as proof.


Pull the zipper open, and inside we find a number of animals in pairs.


It’s nice to see that even the platypuses made it on board… What would the world today be like without those mysteries of nature!


The creative mind behind these clever pouches is Keiko Otsuhata, who already has a number of other fun items at her online store.

You can check out and vote for other contenders over at the Felissimo YOU+MORE page, but it’s already pretty obvious which pouch idea is going to win!

Source and images: Felissimo