Stamp that paperwork in style with these pawesome personalized stamps!

In many ways, Japan is a super high-tech country. Robots like Pepper trundle around offering guidance, and the Shinkansen bullet train travels at speeds most other countries can only dream of.

In other ways, though, Japan is stuck in the past. Fax machines are an essential part of office life, and all paperwork has to be stamped, (not signed) using a personal ink seal with your name on it.

BUT that’s not to say that old traditions can’t be modern and fun! Because personalized “hanko” stamps are all the rage, and they really let you be creative! This range of kawaii kitty stamps will add a touch of cuteness to the drab mundanity of red tape!

Unlike traditional stamps which usually require a separate ink pad, the “osu neko” (push kitty) range of stamps come pre-loaded with red ink, meaning that all you have to do is press them against the page and you’ll leave behind a picture-perfect image of your surname complete with gambolling kitties.

As you can see, there’s a wide range of kitty motifs to choose from, ranging from cute to sophisticated, to match your personal brand.

What’s more, you can also get selective with the font, either opting for an old-fashioned script or adding a modern spin with one of the more cutesy fonts available.

It’s easy to switch up different stamps as the mood strikes, meaning that you can add a bit of variety to the boredom of endlessly stamping stacks of paperwork.

And, what’s more, since nothing is more embarrassing than finding yourself suddenly without your personal seal, this new product comes with a cell phone strap so you can stick it on your phone. They’ve thought of everything!

The stamps are available from Rakuten for 1200 yen (US$11) each.

Source: Net Lab
Images: Rakuten