Wanting to visit Japan? Now there’s  an easy-to-follow English video guide on enjoying Japanese-style inns known as ryokan!

Staying at a ryokan can be a unique experience and a very enjoyable one at that, but it also might be a bit different from what you’re used to. To make sure visitors know what to expect when staying at a ryokan, the folks at Wakura Onsen Toursim Association and  Wakura Onsen Tourism Cooperative have produced a helpful and informative English video titled “Learn How To Enjoy A Japanese Ryokan with Hot Springs in 9 minutes“.

Wakura Onsen is a hot spring area in the Noto Penninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture, located on the Sea of Japan coast of the central main island Japan, and the tourism industry in the area has been putting significant effort into welcoming foreign visitors to their hot springs, including their multi-lingual website and now this video. The video shows what guests at a ryokan typically go through, from checking in to donning a yukata and bathing in a Japanese onsen.

▼ Some highlights from the video: After checking in, the helpful nakai-san (room maid) will show you to your room and explain the facilities of the ryokan.


▼ The video also points out some things about Japanese-style rooms that should make your stay more interesting, like the tatami mat flooring.


▼ Here, you can see how to put on the casual yukata provided by the ryokan.


▼ And there’s also a detailed explanation on bathing in a Japanese hot spring onsen, so you won’t feel too lost, even if you’ve never used a public Japanese bath before.


▼ The video also shows the futon mattress that you’ll be sleeping in, which the nakai-san will lay out for you.


▼ Be sure to watch the full video for more tips!

We hope the video is both entertaining and informative for those of you planning to stay in a ryokan or simply interested in traditional Japanese accommodation!

Source and images: @Press press release
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