This cat can sense something’s changed with his buddy and the way he stares at it as he tries to figure out what’s happened is melting our hearts!

It’s never fun when someone makes a change to our things, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. Whether it’s washing a toddler’s comfort blanket or simply buying the wrong brand of laundry detergent, just the smallest change to the look and smell of a well-worn item can make it seem completely foreign to our senses, and it’s a problem that afflicts members of the feline world too.

This cat from Japan shows us how disconcerting the experience can be when it comes across its beloved toy mouse after a dip in the washing machine. The pet’s owner, Twitter user @HOMEALONe_ksk, took a video of the cat’s reaction to the clean toy as it sat on the table, and the way the confused cat sniffs the air and cocks its head from side to side as it tries to figure out what’s changed with its friend is melting everyone’s hearts!

Since posting the video online, it’s received more than 17,000 likes and retweets, with users leaving comments like:

“This cat’s facial expression is just too adorable!”
“I’ve never seen a cat cocking its head to the side at an extreme angle like that before!”
“I’m going to wash my kitten’s toy to see if it reacts in the same way.”
“The different smell in the air must be confusing.”
“OMG this is honestly too cute. I wish these two could come and join my family.”

Following the video, the two friends were thankfully reunited; despite the little mouse’s trip through the washing machine, the cat’s love for its toy was too strong to keep the two apart! To see the two cuddling contentedly, you can visit the cute kitty’s website, Funny Cat Rikku, for all the adorable photos.

Source: Irorio
Top Image: Twitter/@HOMEALONe_ksk