The clothing was the easy part of this amazing anime costume.

Putting together the perfect anime cosplay outfit requires a pretty big time commitment, seeing as how you can’t just walk into a clothing store at the mall and buy the components of the medium’s most iconic characters. But in some cases, wearing the costume can take as much dedication as making it.

For example, Fancy Frontier, a gathering of anime-themed independent artists, was recently held in Taiwan. One of the attendees decided to dress as Gon, the protagonist of long-running and oftdelayed manga/anime Hunter x Hunter. Gon’s fashion sense is pretty subdued, by anime action hero standards. What’s more, this fan decided to cosplay as the character’s “awakened” state, in which he’s just wearing a tank top and shorts, which might have made it sort of hard to even tell that he was cosplaying…

…except that he also recreated Gon’s towering spire of hair!

Like a handful of other anime stars, when Gon’s inner power really starts flowing, his muscles expand and his hair stands on end. Because of that, this cosplay called for not only undersized, form-fitting clothing, but also hair almost twice as tall as the person it was attached to.

▼ It’s a good thing the venue has high ceilings.

This is head-to-toe loyalty to the source material, as the cosplayer went without shoes to match the barefoot appearance of the awakened Gon.

It just goes to show that for true fans, when it comes to how far they’re willing to take their cosplay, the sky truly is the limit.

Source: IT Media
Featured image: Twitter/@HojoTansama