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For a lot of us, Dragon Ball Z was our after-school superhero show. Powered up aliens, defending the earth from destruction, huge battles, and fearsome stare downs-what more could you ask for?

How about fulfilling everyone’s childhood dream and becoming the superheroes we idolize? That’s where cosplay comes in. You don’t get any of the special powers, but you get to pretend for a day and look the part, and it just got easier than ever to cosplay as some of your favorite Dragon Ball Z characters thanks to some new life-like masks that will help turn you into Goku, Piccolo, or Frieza.

Sometimes making the costume is the easy part of a cosplay, and the hard part is getting the face and hair just right to make you look like the character you’re dressing up as. Especially the hair, as everyone knows all the anime characters ever created have signed a contract with gravity that allows their hairstyles to defy it. They probably have to serve Dr. Gravity later on when he attempts to take over the world…

Now you don’t have to worry about that because online retailer Gee! Store, has masks of Super Saiyan Goku, Piccolo, and Frieza in his final form, making it possible to emulate your favorite character without the sticky hair spray and mounds of makeup.

▼ Goku-6,037 yen (US 50.24)

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▼ Piccolo-5,389 yen

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▼ Frieza-5,389 yen

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For those who aren’t handy with a sewing machine, fear not, as Gee! Store also has great-looking costumes for the three characters. They are being sold for 10,584 yen each and go perfectly with the masks.

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Pick up some of the easiest costumes for your next convention at Gee! Store or just wear them for Halloween (or whenever else you feel like it). At some point in your life, you are probably going to be a superhero for someone, so might as well be ready for that moment by looking the part at all times.

H/T: Kotaku USA
Images: Gee! Store (edited by RocketNews24)