The anti-cosplay cosplay event that’s low-key stealing the show in Shibuya every Halloween.

Every time 31 October rolls around in Japan, attention turns to Shibuya, the Tokyo ward that’s become synonymous with Halloween as it unwillingly plays host to the city’s most notorious unofficial street party. However, beyond the busy streets and skimpy, colourful cosplay outfits, there’s a quieter anti-cosplay cosplay event that’s slowly growing in popularity behind-the-scenes in Shibuya.

Called “Jimi Halloween“, which translates to “Plain Halloween“, the event first started in 2014 when company workers from Daily Portal Z wanted to celebrate Halloween but were too embarrassed to dress up in full-on costumes. From then on, “Plain Halloween” was born, with everyday costumes celebrated as a much more relatable, and hilarious, way of dressing up for the holiday.

▼ For example: An office lady who’s just finished work.

The event – held every year on the weekend prior to Halloween – has been steadily gaining in popularity, and this year’s proceedings certainly didn’t disappoint, with everything from shoppers, diners, and office workers in the mix. So let’s get to it and take a look at some of the best mundane cosplays of the year below!

▼ Man waiting for his rental girlfriend.

▼ Two people who recognise each other’s faces but can’t remember the other person’s name.

▼ Person who can’t find a seat at a food court.

▼ Person whose cord has come out of their hoodie.

▼ Person who just bought an umbrella the moment it stopped raining.

▼ Person who went out just to buy face lotion.

▼ Woman who went to the public toilet during cherry blossom season and found there was no toilet paper left.

▼ Person in black clothes who played with a cat.

▼ Person looking for their glasses but they’re actually on their head.

▼ Person who washed his hands and wiped them on his clothes afterwards.

▼ Person in line at Ramen Jiro.

▼ Mannequin at a mountaineering store.

▼ Person who got a basket but didn’t buy as much as they thought they would.

▼ Salaryman frightened of being falsely accused as a molester on the train.

▼ People doing a vaginal steam

▼ Person who got off the overnight bus half-asleep in the early morning.

▼ Person who did a face-swap with a Starbucks cup.

▼ Housewife whose family doesn’t cooperate with the laundry.

▼ Man avoiding the new extra tax for eat-in purchases.

▼ Woman buying everything before the recent tax hike.

▼ Person who couldn’t buy water due to panic-buying during the typhoon.

▼ Woman who went out to buy things but didn’t realise she already had them at home.

▼ Person who only eats three plates at a revolving sushi restaurant but is already full.

▼ Person who spots a cockroach just before he goes to sleep and grabs the wrong sprays to defend himself.

▼ Woman who comes to a BBQ but you know she doesn’t want to help out.

▼ Person in the Rizap weight-loss “before” picture.

▼ Camera assistant at a photography studio for children.

▼ Person who’s lagging behind the current era.

▼ Person who doesn’t want to have their photo taken with their face inside a gimmicky signboard.

▼ Person who regrets not getting a basket when waiting in line at the register.

▼ Person who’s no good at unshelling eggs.

▼ Girl who wants to take photos of food from above.

▼ Person going somewhere.

▼ Girl who drank a hot drink.

▼ Banksy operating the remote control at the auction for his artwork.

So there you have it – the best plain costumes at Jimi Halloween in Shibuya this year. Sure, they might not be as extravagant as some of the other cosplay we’ve seen in Japan over the years, but what they lack in panache they certainly make up for in humour and relatability.

And that’s a sentiment low-cost cosplayers can certainly relate to.

Source: Twitter/地味 ハロウィン 2019
Featured image: Twitter/@dailyportalz
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