Cosjob is here to help you go from just playing in an anime costume to working in one.

With summer here, a lot of people are looking for part-time jobs to have some extra cash in their pockets during the warm months of the year. And while there’s nothing wrong with such standards as taking on a few shifts at Starbucks or Uniqlo, if you’re looking for something more creative and exciting, there’s a new Japanese employment website that’s just for cosplayers.

Cosjob launched on June 28 and is managed by the same organization that administers Cosplayers Archive, one of Japan’s biggest social media networks for cosplayers. In some ways, it’s not too different than other job-hunting sites. Users can upload profiles/resumes, and employers can post help wanted ads that contain a description of the position, desired skills, working days/hours, and payment details. The difference, though, is that Cosjob is all about jobs that involve dressing up as popular characters from anime, video games, and other forms of otaku media.

To clarify, Cosjob isn’t run like a traditional talent agency, where applicants need to audition and, if accepted, be assigned a manager who controls their career and takes a cut of their earnings. Anyone who registers is free to apply for any listing they wish. And while, on the top end of commitment, Cosjob will have postings for full-time positions that require an in-depth knowledge of the employers’ product range and industry trends, it will also have single-day and part-time gigs for those still dipping their toes in the deep waters of professional cosplay, perhaps while going to school, working on independent artistic projects, or maintaining a mundane, mainstream job.

With schools in Japan going on break and the rainy season done, the high season of otaku-oriented fan events is about to kick into high gear, which should result in a steady stream of new job listings on Cosjob. If you’re ready to throw your anime-themed hat into the ring, Cosjob’s website can be found here.

Sources: Anime! Anime! via Hachima Kiko, PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: CosJob

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