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Yes, Togashi-sensei is finally getting back to work, with the hit manga Hunter x Hunter returning to the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in April!

You could say that 2015 was a disappointing year for Hunter x Hunter fans, as the manga didn’t appear in Weekly Shonen Jump at all during the 12 months, ending a 25 year record for series creator Yoshihiro Togashi.  But now, it seems they have something seriously exciting to look forward to!

It was officially announced in the newest edition of Weekly Shonen Jump, released on March 19, that Hunter x Hunter will resume it serialization in the magazine starting with the edition coming out on April 18. The last time the manga appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump was back in August of 2014, so the series is coming back after a hiatus of roughly one year and eight months.

It’s well-known among manga fans that Togashi, who has created other hit series such as Yu Yu Hakusho and Level E, has a terribly difficult time producing work consistently. It has become an established pattern for him to go through short periods of manga writing interspersed with (sometimes very) long periods of rest. The last it was reported, Togashi was apparently resting and recuperating  from lower back pain (although there seem to be persistent rumors that he might be just a tad too fond of playing video games).

Still, not even those critical of Togashi’s work habits can’t deny his brilliant storytelling skills, and loyal followers of the series, as you might expect, have been celebrating ever since word got out earlier in the week that an announcement would be made in the magazine on March 19 concerning the return of the popular manga. You only have to take a look at all the illustrations shared by fans on Twitter  to see how enthusiastic they are about the news!

▼ Yup, these fans really are excited about the return of their favorite manga!

To add to the excitement, the folks at Weekly Shonen Jump have even put up a special webpage advertising the return of the series, along with links to previous issues so readers can go back and remind themselves of the story. You know, because it’s been so long since the last chapter was published.

▼Hunter x Hunter is a long series — fans just hope Togashi will actually be able to finish it!

Hunter 1-32

So, Hunter x Hunter fans can look forward to April 18 with anticipation. And let’s hope it’ll be a while before Togashi-sensei needs to take a break again!

Source: MANTANWEB, Weekly Shonen Jump special webpage 
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