Attendees surprised to find a time-traveling otaku from a bygone era.

Comiket 94 drew some of the most charming cosplayers to date, dressed in costumes so elaborate and beautiful that they’ve become anime characters in the flesh.

Attendees also spotted one conspicuous cosplayer lurking the grounds of Tokyo Big Sight whose retro attire reminded people of a not-too-distant past era. Japanese Twitter user z_nuruwota bravely approached this enigmatic figure and asked about his story.

▼ Is that a rare 1990s otaku?
(Translation below)

“He seriously made me laugh when he told me, ‘I meant to come to the 1998 Comiket, but I ended up here instead.’”

Donning a checkered shirt, a red headband, and carrying a vintage Yashica-Mat camera, the cosplayer was the spitting image of a Comiket otaku who roamed these parts 20 years ago. Written on a placard beside him were the words: “An otaku who has time traveled from the 20th century”.

To complete the look, the vintage cosplayer carried a bag with the 1989 RPG game Mado Monogatari imprinted on it, the characters of which were later featured in retro puzzle game Puyo Puyo.

▼ It’s amazing how he preserved its condition through the years.

▼ Here he’s seen holding a placard with the words
“Wait, you mean this isn’t 1998!?”

As he reminded Comiket fans of how they were like decades ago, he became an instant hit among cosplayers and netizens alike:

“I’m really digging this!”
“It’s so hot that his pants were wet from sweat.”
“I like his Puyo Puyo bag! Reminds me of the good old days.”
“It’s amazing how some cosplayers think.”
“Is this how our predecessors looked?”

This time-traveling cosplayer inadvertently stirred up nostalgic memories for some while providing a historical insight for those who weren’t around during the 1980s. Manga and anime trends have come and gone during these few decades, but otaku positivity and efficiency will never change.

Source: Twitter/@project_thc, Twitter/@z_nuruwota via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@z_nuruwota